Well, its Twenty Thirteen, and it will no doubt be a momentous year for all of us.

I know this because of an omen.  As the first day of the year drew to a close, we were visited by a rarely seen (round my neck of the woods anyway) friend: The Tawny Owl.

Artist's impression

Perched on the roof of the house at the back of ours, he/she was cooing for a while to get our attention, and then after quite a while, swooped off.  It was a full moon too.

There you have it, proof, if any were required, that we are still busy finishing our album. Happy New Year.

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In addition to my post earlier,  I just wanted to say a genuine thanks to those of our followers who get in touch offering us encouragement,  support, and  generally keep the faith with us.  It really does help.

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